Will the Callaway X2 Hot Driver Give You More Distance?

When you are selecting a driver, you must want to improve your swing. And the most important aspect you care about is distance. Yes, if a golf club for sale which can help you achieve more distance, then it will probably help you improve your game. And Callaway X2 Hot Driver for sale is an excellent driver. But it is not so long as TaylorMade drivers. Will it still give you more distance?

Drivers generally come standard at 45-46 inches in length, the longer the driver shaft the potential exists for more distance, theoretically your swing arc would be wider and therefore you could create more speed. However with the use of technology like trackman, we know that it is far more important to hit the center of the clubface than increase your swing speed by a few miles an hour.

It is easier to hit the center of the clubface with a shorter Callaway X2 Hot Driver than a longer TaylorMade driver, therefore if you feel like you are struggling with your current driver here’s a few things you can try before you cut that driver down or order a new one.


Hit a few shots with your normal grip and a few choking down an inch, note where on the face you are hitting the ball and see if you are more consistent at finding the center of the clubface with the shorter length. Choke down an inch when you grip the Callaway X2 Hot Driver for sale and cover the face of your driver with a dry erase marker.

Most three wood shafts are the old driver standard 43.5, if you have an adjustable driver and three wood, put the three wood shaft in you driver and hit a few shots and see if you find any difference.

And you should also schedule an appointment with a clubfitting expert for a driver fitting and have them check driver length for you. The correct length can make Callaway X2 Hot Drivert easier to maintain your body angles throughout the swing and as a result you may pick up distance as a result of better swing mechanics.

In addition, try to make sure the driver length is correct for them, if you don’t and give them a standard length driver it can actually cause swing problems and long term it may actually cause them to swing slower in order to try and control the Callaway X2 Hot Driver.

When they are young we want them to hit the ball as hard as they can so they learn to develop speed, make sure the driver fits them and is light enough that they can swing as fast as they can and hold their finish.

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