Have You Ever Owned a Callaway RAZR Fit Driver?

Callaway never lack of good golf clubs for sale. Among all the golf clubs, Razr series  might be one of the not most frequently used series. Compared with Big Bertha, X2 Hot, Razr series might be not so brilliant. However, it does not mean we do not love it. Have you ever used a Callaway RAZR Fit Driver before?

The 455 cc head of the Callaway RAZR Fit Driver has a lovely shape and Callaway say it is 27% more aerodynamic than the RAZR Hawk driver which equates to an additional 1.3 miles per hour extra clubhead speed. Now that may not sound like much, but it’s probably worth about half a club less into the green. The lighter forged composite crown helps the increase the club’s MOI and unlike the Diablo Octane driver, the carbon pattern is hidden from view.

Callaway has been using adjustable weights in their drivers since 1999, but they were pre-fitted, so the Callaway RAZR Fit Driver  is the first model where you have been able to adjust them yourself or with the help of a fitter. Combine the moveable weights with the new adjustable hosel and you do have a much more flexible and accurate custom fitting process than before.


This uses a sleeve on the hosel to offer 3 options for the face angle are clear and easy to understand and adjust. When you set the face to open Callaway RAZR Fit Driver for sale changes the angle by 2.5 degrees and decreases the loft by 1 degree. Set the face to close and you shut the face by 1.5 degrees and add a degree of loft, which will make the Callaway RAZR Fit Driver easier to hit. One nice feature is that the shaft is not rotated when you adjust the face angle and therefore it keeps the grip in the same position for every setting.

And you should understand that the preferred setting on Callaway RAZR Fit Driver for sale is for the open face setting and the heavier 12 gram weight on the heel side of the head to promote a slight draw. We tried this and it is a very powerful setting but needs a lot of clubhead speed to work effectively. Our preferred option was to set the face at neutral with the draw bias weight setting as the head sat very nicely and gave a consistent flight with a soft draw.

Whilst their Tour players will use this driver, the Callaway RAZR Fit Driver is ideal for amateurs as most of the settings promote a draw to offset the general in-built slice of your average golfer. The effects of the adjustments on ball flight are noticeable, but we think better players would prefer an extra option or two in the shaft settings for a little more fine tuning.

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