Callaway X2 Hot Irons Maybe Not the Best Looking but Still Best Choice

Callaway’s new X2 Hot irons are significantly more consistent than previous models. The X2 Hot irons don’t have the high-strength 455 carpenter stainless-steel faces of Callaway Apex Pro Irons, but their stabilizing arches allow the lower portion of their faces to flex more at impact. The arch-shaped bar contributes to a more controlled sound and feel.

It also produces higher launch angles for more distance and extra stopping power on the greens. In addition, the hottest spots on the Callaway X2 Hot Irons are low on the face, where most high handicap players make contact. All theses features add up to this iron being five yards longer than its predecessor.I have bought a x2 hot driver and loved it very much. I expect the x2 hot irons to match my driver. It finally released. These irons are as good as the driver.
Like its predecessor X2 Hot is Callaway’s entry in what has essentially become the distance iron category. A “stabilizing arch” moves the hot spot on the face lower, in line with the impact location on most iron shots. The callaway x hot irons have a deeper undercut behind the face, which helps make them about 2.5 yards longer than the X Hot irons. One of the higher-ranking models.


Along with the improved consistency in X2 Hot, engineers also made the iron more forgiving thanks to a deep central undercut in the cavity that allows the face to remain thin all the way to the ground, moving the center of gravity lower and forward in the face to improve forgiveness. A relatively chunky looking golf clubs for sale for Callaway but it doesn’t have the thickest sole in the world. The deep central undercut channel increases the amount of clubface flexing and rebound for increased ball speed and more distance.

The 2014 version Callaway X2 Hot Driver has a new shape with a visible Deep Central Undercut that increases the rate that the face flexes and rebounds, delivering increased distance. I found X Hot to be a little on the clunky side. It was big, and reasonably bulky. This is a fresh approach to iron design for Callaway where the game-improvement features are hidden in a more pleasing shape.

The sole widths are also about the same size as they were on the X Hot irons, but 2-to-4-degrees more bounce was added to help golfers improve their turf interaction. The long irons were too demanding for some of our higher-handicap golfers. These irons are not the best looking or best feeling iron to ever come out of Callaway, but that’s tricky when you compare up against the standout Apex.

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