Callaway X-24 Irons Used to Be Very Hot

Do you still remeber the orange and hot irons which are called X-24? In early 2010, the Callaway X-24 Irons have been unveiled in shock. I still remember the time when we are all trying our best to get one set of the golf clubs sale onlie. The Callaway X-24 Hot iron is the worthy successor to the X-22 iron.

As you would expect the X-24 Hot continues the same design styling as the X-22s with the deep undercut cavity, standard offset and medium-thick topline on the face.Callaway have branded this a ‘Hot’ version as they claim to have made the face a little thinner to transfer more clubhead speed to the ball and it certainly delivers.

The forgiveness is very good and the X-24 Hot irons are a joy to hit, giving solid, great feeling shots right across the face. The Callaway graphite shaft felt very stable and these irons will suit everyone from high single figures upwards.


In addition to the small technological tweak, the main differences with the Callaway X-24 Irons are cosmetic with a ferule fitting on a longer hosel, which is unusal for Callaway irons, but should help with stability. The dark PVD finish looks excellent and we were pleased to see that it maintained its appearance even after a heavy session on the range, so it should last for a while.

The orange styling of the Callaway X-24 Irons for sale may not be to everyone’s taste but we like the fact that the iron number is just on the sole and no longer on the face of the club so that your opponent does not know what club you have hit.

Till now, you may think there are all small things, but they come together well in a stylish head that delivers excellent performance that will be hard to beat in the game improvement category. Maybe it is now hard to find a set of X-24 Irons anymore.

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